How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Keith 1 completed PUB
Spirit Guide Portraits by commission. $125 USD + s/h. email for details. Image copyright Nefer Khepri 2015.

Did you know you have several spirit guides? Everyone does. Some have just a few while some, like my daughter, have 31 (!!). Why she needs so many is anyone’s guess, but she is a teenager so that may be the reason. Perhaps all teens have over 30 guides.

I have many, many people ask me all the time, “Nefer, how can I contact my spirit guides? I don’t have any. No one ever answers me!”

Not true! You DO have spirit guides AND they answer! You just haven’t learned how to listen yet. More on that in another blog post. Here, I want to show you how EASY it is to make an initial connection with your own set of spirit guides.

This comes from a happy accident that happened to me yesterday. This is the type of accident that as it is occurring you don’t realize it’s an accident until you look back on it later.

A couple of weeks ago I had purchased a very nice piece of azurite from a shop that was azurite self promo my picholding their monthly psychic fair. Now, I very seldom go to these things simply because I have no need, but my daughter wanted her cards read so I took her since there is NO WAY she would EVER go to MOM for a card reading! Oh, perish the thought!!

I was not looking for azurite, but I was looking for a few other stones. I have a piece of tumbled azurite & was happy with it so I didn’t need a new piece, or so I thought. As I passed it by one piece really caught my eye. It wasn’t as pretty as two out of the four additional pieces they had on display, but there was just something about it. I guess I was picking up on its energy.

I picked it up & the second I did it felt like something within the stone latched onto me. It didn’t want to release my hand & the azurite felt like it was glued to my palm. I pulled it out of my hand with my right hand, but that didn’t work either because then it just attached itself to my right palm. I figured OK, fine. I guess this means you’re going home with me. I bought the darn thing & took it home.

I did what you regularly do with new stones. I cleansed it in a mild solution of spring water with a tiny pinch of sea salt (never use much salt as that can ruin many of the more delicate stones, just FYI – a tiny pinch is all you need because you’re working with the salt’s energy signature, not the salt itself). I then set it out under the full moon (this purchase had good timing) to further cleanse. The next day I left it out in the sun for a few hours in a new solution of just spring water asking Father Ra to charge it for use with my third eye and crown chakras in particular.

I placed the azurite with my other favorite pieces and there it sat for about 10 days looking pretty.

Yesterday afternoon after a day of doing 3 readings and feeling a bit drained I decided to use my new azurite to balance my crown and third eye chakras. This is a very simple process. Other stones you can use are: amethyst (the darker, the better), rose quartz (this is best for connecting with your angels), and clear quartz.

What I do is as follows:

  • I hold the stone in my LEFT hand. You take energy IN through the left side & send it OUT through the right side.
  • I focused on my angels & spirit guides asking them to bless &work through the azurite to cleanse and balance my crown chakra first.
  • I then carefully balanced the piece of azurite on the top of my head, which is the location of the crown chakra.
  • I took three deep, slow breaths.
  • Next, I held the azurite in my left hand against my third eye chakra (located in the center of your forehead just above the bridge of your nose).
  • Again, I took three deep, slow breaths.

As I was about to put the azurite back on my altar with it still held against my third eye chakra I felt something amazing. It was as if a bolt of energy entered the azurite and then zapped me right through my third eye! I felt the bolt go clear to the back of my head and OUT. I nearly fell backwards!

I put the azurite back on my altar and immediately sat down because the room was tilted at about a 30 degree angle from my perspective. I quickly regained my composure and felt fine. I filed the experience in the over-stuffed “Gee, Wasn’t That Weird!” file and went about my day.

Fast forward to about 4 hours later. It was time to drive my daughter to work.

I don’t bother with the radio for such a drive. I’m about to pull out of the parking lot into traffic when I hear a male voice coming from the passenger seat of my car. I’m the only one in the car with the a/c on & windows closed.

The voice tells me in a very calm matter-of-fact tone: “You should turn the radio on because they’re about to play David Bowie.” I figured NO because The Eagle in Houston basically sucks & they don’t play Bowie. But you know how it is. You hear a strange voice & first you freak out, then you figure well maybe I ought to turn on the radio. I do so & hear the concluding strains of some crap song & then FAME comes on!!!!

It was all I could do to not run my car off the road in shock!

I can tell you the voice belonged to a man & he sounded to be in his late 40s, maybe early 50s. Mature-sounding. He had a typical American accent so he may have been from the Midwest, which is considered the ideal American accent to have.
Once the song started up & I avoided wrecking my car from the shock, I did ask him who he was. All he said was “Shh!” I was like, “well, then!”
My impression at the time was that he didn’t want us talking over the song, then by the time I pulled into my driveway right after “Fame” concluded Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” came on. That’s my 2nd favorite song by them so I was rocking out in my driveway. I probably scared him away with my brand of “singing.”

Today the new guide’s been a bit chatty. He tells me his name is Roger & he has already apologized 4 times for NOT being David Bowie, which strikes me as being really funny. A spirit guide named Roger! Not very exotic. No Native American Shaman, or ancient Egyptian high priest, or even a teacher from the past. He said, and I quote because it’s just too dang funny:

“I’m just plain ‘ol Roger. There’s nothing spectacularly special about me. I was just hanging around & someone said hey! Wanna be a guide? I figured that sounded interesting so I said yes & here I am! I’m also very sorry to be so disappointing right off the bat like this. I am not David Bowie, but he’ll be around. You can’t see me, but as I say that I’m winking at you.”

I received this message in a brief session of automatic writing. My new guide signed it:

“Just Plain ‘Ol Roger”

Poor Roger! I feel bad for him! I guess that the method I used to connect with my new piece of azurite basically turned out to be like rubbing a genie’s bottle, but instead of some great powerful genie, Plain ‘Ol Roger popped out!

Try my method and let me know if it works for you. A more detailed method has a page dedicated to it at my website so do check it out. And remember, whenever you attempt to connect with your spirit guides or angels, ALWAYS call on some form of spiritual protection FIRST – even after regular contact has been established. The reason behind this is that lower spirits will attempt to masquerade as higher spirits in their attempt to mislead you. You can easily avoid this by calling on some form of spiritual protection first. Secondly, keep trying! Do not give up. It took me about four months before I noticed anything and then my guides at first only spoke to me in my dreams. Now they are seldom quiet. Sometimes I think I’m a good example of that old saying, “be careful what you ask for.” So do be careful. Remember, protection first EVERY time, and if you at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It’ll happen eventually.




Archangel Saint Michael: Your New BEST Friend!

I’ve been channeling Archangel Saint Michael since October, 1997.  I never set out to do this on purpose. I began hearing his voice one day while I was taking a shower. Yes, Michael likes to hang out in bathrooms, evidently.  He speaks to me the most when I’m in the bathroom.  Years later I read in some book that running water conducts energy and can make it much easier for you to hear your angels and spirit guides.  So the next time you need some guidance you may want to try lighting a candle next to a sink, running the water, then open yourself up to receive impressions.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

I’ve written about Michael before and will no doubt write about him countless more times before I hang my hat and retire.  Michael has been there for me at the worst of times & also at the best of times.   He has ALWAYS been there when I’ve needed help, even in my dreams when I’ve had nightmares.  He has NEVER EVER let me down, and as far as I know, he also has never disappointed any of my clients to whom I have recommended him.

Archangel Saint Michael, although considered by many to be “Catholic,” is one of the few angels named in the Koran as well, so he is important to Muslims.  Michael first appears in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of Daniel (therefore he is also mentioned in the Torah) and is there by name being referred to as “one of the chief princes,” the implication being prince of the heavenly host, which is one of Michael’s official titles.   Some scholars note that Michael is the only of the archangels to be called an archangel in the Bible. He is also referred to as Prince of the Heavenly Host, an exalted position he may have gained after defeating the rebellious Lucifer and his followers.  The implication has always been that Michael, even if he is just an archangel, may actually be of a higher order of the angelic hierarchy or have been granted special powers by God in gratitude for his great victory over Lucifer and the re-establishment of order and harmony in heaven after Lucifer’s rebellion.   Michael’s name translates as, “He who is like God.”  Again, the implication being that Michael has special powers that other archangels may not themselves possess.

Michael has delivered various messages to me over the years.  The majority of them have been meant for me personally so I have never shared them with anyone.  He comes today bearing a message for all, so I share that message below.  Please know that no matter your religion, spiritual beliefs or practices, Michael wishes for you to know he is your friend upon whom you can count in times of trouble. He has often told me to tell my clients he will work with anyone. You don’t have to be Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim to gain his attention and his help.  He insists he is here to help any who are in trouble and may be dealing with negative forces.

Now for his message for today:

“My dearest children, I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I address you in my role of Prince of the Heavenly Host.  All angels are under my command, regardless of their rank, for I used the army of heaven to defeat the dark one.  I wish for you to know that I freely extend the hand of friendship to each and every one of you regardless of your beliefs, your background, and what you may consider to be your sins in this lifetime.   I judge no one for I am no judge.  I am here merely as a servant to help you in all of your needs.  

I am there for you as a sun shining in the dark.  

I am there as a light illuminating the darkest cave.

Healing energy

I am there as a mirror reflecting goodness and light.

I am there as a shield to protect you from all evil.

I am there as your friend & champion in times of trouble.

I am always with those who call upon me & state they wish for me to remain with them at all times.

I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I extend love and friendship to everyone who calls My Name.   Rest assured, if you ask it of me, I shall remain with you always, unto and beyond the end of Time itself.

I extend blessings to all in Universal Love & Truth,


If you wish to call upon Archangel Saint Michael for help in any type of situation (he’s not only good at protecting us from evil, did you know he’s a genius at fixing mechanical things??  It’s true!), below is a link that takes you to a site that offers up the original long version of the prayer to Michael, as well as the shorter, more well-known prayer.  Use the longer prayer for bigger problems.  It’s actually part of the official Exorcism Rite of the Catholic Church.  The shorter prayer can be said daily as a Novena (repeated 9 times without stopping).  A good practice is to say a novena to Michael first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

You may wish to work candle magic with Michael.  If so, I recommend the following colors with which he is associated for the following purposes:

  • Red:  protection from evil & from enemies.
  • White:  protection and guidance of children.
  • Blue:  any purpose. (Michael is the Archangel of the Blue Ray.)
Michael red candle
Saint or Novena Candle for Michael

He has a “saint” or “novena” candle that comes encased in glass. It’s about 10″ tall and I have seen it in red and white wax.  I’ve never seen a blue Saint Michael candle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  You can google to see if you can find it in blue.  If not, then you can just substitute a blue candle, if you like.

Oils and incenses that Michael personally prefers are:

  • frankincense and myrrh
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine
  • rose

The best day of the week to call on Michael for protection is Friday.  He has often told me this.  From a magical perspective I would think he would choose Saturday, as that day is ruled by Saturn and is often used in magic for banishing and protection magic.  But he insists Friday is his best day.  If you wish to give your home a spiritual cleansing in his name, Michael also says Friday is the day of the week to do it, and preferably during a waning moon, although he says he will go to battle at any time for us.

Personally, I do hope that everyone who reads this blog post takes advantage of Michael’s offer.  Even if you feel you do not need his help with anything, just ask him to be with you.  Then when those dark times come you will know you have a very powerful champion in your corner who will immediately come to your aid and defense.

NOTE:  Michael’s Feast Day is coming up.  It’s on September 29th.

I am forever grateful to Archangel Saint Michael for all the help he has given me, my clients, and my family.  He is always there and has never failed me.  He will be there for you as well.  All you have to do is ask him.   Here is that link I told you about.

Nefer Khepri, PhD.

Entertaining Angels Unaware

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

~ Hebrews 13:2, The Holy Bible. New International Version (c) 1984

Today I would like to share an experience that I had just yesterday.  I ask you now to please pass this along to your friends because you never know when an angel may stop by and offer you a test of your compassion.

I had just seen my GP for my quarterly scolding over my blood work & high triglycerides, but this time they were better, 200, so he was happy, I was happy. The lab is right near his office, which is across the street from the hospital. So, on Lab Day I treat myself to Dunkin Donuts, which is literally a 2 minute drive away. Then on Doctor Visit Day I also treat myself to DD. Usually, this will occur all within the same week, as it did this week. So I had already gone to DD on Monday.

The way the parking lot is arrange is weird. You pull in & the lot is HUGE and along my left is one strip mall, directly in front of me is a 2nd strip mall. There is a bridal boutique, nail salon, Mexican bakery, and so on. Nothing out of the norm. To the left of all that is a stand-alone Dunkin Donuts that is somewhat isolated all alone on the left-hand side of the parking lot.

As I pulled up with DD on my left & I am looking for a space I park right next to the DD building because in the morning the entire area next to DD is covered in shade. This way my car doesn’t get too hot while I’m inside drooling over the donuts & making my 2 choices. So, I see the wall, the ENTIRE wall, and it’s normal, just a gray wall. I pull into a space so I’m still facing the wall that had been totally blank not 2 seconds before when I spied the parking space. However, when I look up after pulling my car into the vacant space (the only empty space up against the building) I see a Hispanic man standing there in a white t-shirt & khaki pants. He is looking past me across the parking lot. Meanwhile, I’m hoping for no cat calls as I would have to walk right past him.

I get out of my car & approach him since I have to walk right in front of him to get into DD. He says, “Good morning” and smiles. I say “good morning,” then he looks at me & I see such a WOUNDED look in his eyes, I mean, even great actors often cannot fake a look in their very eyes, you know? This guy looked like even though he was clean & well kept, that he had been going through hell. So I kind of paused right in front of him and then he went into a little speech asking for my help. He told me he’s a construction worker & yard laborer, but that where they hang out to get hired for the day, that lately some bosses were no longer showing up & so fewer men were being chosen, & he’s older so he hasn’t worked since Monday.

The look in his eyes is what got me. I don’t see how he could be faking it and lying to me. There was a huge scandal in the Houston area a few months ago as “homeless” people on the street corners near on-ramps for a major highway through town weren’t really homeless & they were in fact clearing at least $40,000/year by begging. Several were exposed and now that problem has decreased greatly & I don’t see them out much anymore. But this guy, his EYES. So I reached into my wallet as he went on telling me he’s got 3 kids, their ages, & I’m nodding & saying things like,”Oh, is that so??” and, “ah, that’s sweet” (something his little girl did for his wife). I only had $8 cash, so I gave him $3 knowing my 2 donuts & coffee would run me near to $4.

He thanked me and then the look in his eyes suddenly changed. Instead of the despair

The Flow of Compassion. (c) Jennifer Escobedo, 13 years old.

I had just seen I saw a LIGHT. I have NEVER EVER seen that in ANYONE’S eyes before in my life. It was like someone had flipped a switch & a light bulb had turned on inside his head & the light from it was now shining out through his eyes. He then said, “God bless you,” and as he did I felt something. I don’t know what it was. I can’t even describe it, but it was all along my back. Sort of like a wave of energy? I really don’t know. I was shocked & managed to stammer out, “God bless you, too & God bless your family.” He smiled every so sweetly when I said that & bowed his head in gratitude.

I went into DD kind of freaked over feeling that energy & then thought, NO, I can get donuts another day. I turned RIGHT AROUND to give that guy my last remaining money, which was a 5 dollar bill. He was gone! I looked all around. NO man. Not anywhere. Only about 4 seconds MAX had passed. He was on foot. I never heard a car start up. So, WHERE did he go?????? I ran to the street, which is only about 30 yards away from where I had parked. No man. No one was walking along the street. No one was in the parking lot. I peered into surrounding cars & they were all empty. There is NO WAY that man could have made it anywhere in just 4 seconds.

My dad had several similar experiences over the years.  One I well remember because my mother and I were with him.  We were walking into a Ponderosa steak house for dinner.  In front was a homeless man who had no legs.  He asked Dad for money.  My parents never had much, and honestly, just enough to get by on, but ANYTIME that ANYONE asked my dad for help he NEVER said no.  He reached into his wallet & handed that man a twenty dollar bill.  My mom gasped, but Dad held up his hand to shush her.  The man thanked Dad & then told him matter-of-factly that he would pray for us.  My dad then said, “well, we need money, too” and the man smiled, nodded, and said, “Done!”  He then pointed to his absent legs and said to me, “This is what war does. Don’t forget.”  I never have.

Three days later Dad won $8,000 in the Illinois State Lottery.  He was firmly convinced that man had been an angel because after that he began to find money everywhere he went.  I’m not talking quarters, dimes, or other loose change.  I’m talking about nothing ever smaller than a five dollar bill.  This new skill started about a week after he won the $8,000 and he told me it was the angel with no legs who was putting the money in his path.  Two months later it was Halloween and Dad took me trick-o-treating, just like every year.  However, this year was very different.  Every new block we began to walk along Dad would find money.  By the time I was done in our neighborhood collecting my candle Dad had found various dollar amounts that totaled nearly $100!!  Dad then took me aside and said, “don’t forget that man at Ponderosa.  You saw an angel, not a man.  Remember, angels come to test us and it’s your job to never fail a test.”

I’m hoping I passed my test yesterday 🙂

I shared this experience with the Facebook friends in my Magickal Musings group.  One of them named Sama commented, and halfway through her comment the tone completely changed and I realized she had begun to unwittingly channel a message from Spirit, then she posted a second comment saying she didn’t know where all that came from and that she felt a slight vibration throughout her entire body during the experience.  When you channel, as I channel Archangel Michael on a somewhat regular basis, the entity you are channeling has a much higher vibration than you do, especially if it’s an Angel or other highly evolved being like an Ascended Master, for example.  For us to be able to hear them in order to channel their words they must first raise our own vibration a little so that we can basically meet them halfway, then we’re able to hear them and write down their words or verbally share them, whatever the situation may be at the time.  The vibrating Sama felt was the sensation one feels when channeling and their vibration is being raised.  I used to feel this all the time in the beginning of my channeling relationship with Michael, which started back in 1998, but I haven’t felt it recently.  Perhaps I’ve just gotten accustomed to it by now or maybe after all those channeling sessions my vibration has remained slightly raised, I don’t know.  Here is what Sama channeled from Spirit for me, and it brought tears to my eyes:

That man was a blessing, just like you are to everyone you help.

The Angels have smiled on you and acknowledged your hard work and caring nature.

You are a blessed soul, like so many others, but you truly shine.

Bless You ♥

May God/dess and the Angels bless us all.